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Updated: May 26, 2021

Adam Springer TechCamp Budapest

In this workshop, you are going to be able to create an easy-to-follow and simple structure to start generating conversations with relevant prospects. It starts with mapping out the problems and frustrations your prospects have. We will then use this to create messaging to send them that has incredible response rates.Most of the sale is done on the first meeting, so it is extremely important to get it right and not just talk about your product and what cool features you have. We are going to create a six-step outline to follow to ensure your first meetings are successful.

Here is what you will walk away from this workshop:

  • A clear prospect map (Your Ideal Client Profile)

  • A deep understanding of your prospects pains and frustrations

  • A first meeting outline to follow to sell more

  • A step-by-step outbound system to generate dozens of conversations a month with qualified prospects.

A week or two after the workshop, we will organize a follow-up group office hour session with Adam Springer where you will have the opportunity to ask your questions and get guidance after you’ll have the chance to apply what you learned during the workshop.

Meet Adam Springer on 8 June 2021, 17:00 CEST.

About Adam Springer

Adam Springer is a sales professional who has been the first and instrumental sales hire for three companies. He’s helped companies grow from $0 to $1 million in revenue in under a year and then supported them as they scaled over $10 million in revenue.

One of these companies has achieved the ‘unicorn’ status having built out the sales team based on Adam’s foundations and another company is well on its way.

Since launching his own consultancy (Startup Sales) in 2018, Adam has helped over 100 B2B companies generate more revenue by creating the structure to their sales processes.

Through Startup Sales, Adam works with B2B startup founders to design and build their sales systems that predictably close more customers so that they can grow and scale their company.

His signature 3 step action plan enables early-stage startups to gain clarity on their ideal customer, understand how and where to engage with prospects, and close more deals, helping them achieve $10 million in ARR and beyond.

Adam is also the host of The Startup Sales podcast. With over 90 episodes, Adam interviews thought leaders in the B2B Sales industry in order to help founders, investors, and sales leaders from around the world learn how to build and scale successful sales organizations.

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