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Max Azarov 2_edited.png
Max Azarov
Co-Founder and CEO at Novakid
Val Scholz Speaker Untold Stories Conference
Val Scholz
Founder and CEO at Kiko
Forbes 30U30
ex-Head of Growth at Revolut
Bálint Orosz Speaker Untold Stories Conference
Balint Orosz
Founder and CEO at Craft
Gemma Bloemen Speaker Untold Stories Conference
Gemma Bloemen
Principal at Creandum
Jimmy Fong Speaker Untold Stories Conference
Jimmy Fong
Chief Commercial Officer at SEON
Robin Wauters Speaker Untold Stories Conference
Robin Wauters
Founder of Tech.eu
Kinga Jentetics Untold Stories Conference
Kinga Jentetics
CEO & Co-founder at PublishDrive
Bernát Nacsa Untold Stories Conference
Bernat Nacsa
VC at Day One Capital
Gerald Pollak Untold Stories Conference
Gerald Pollak
Investment Manager at 3VC
Alex Kudelka_edited.jpg
Alex Kudelka
VP of Sales at Bitrise
Can Ertugrul Speaker Untold Stories Conference
Can Ertugrul
Founder of Triplestory
Advisor at Amiqa
Co-Founder of Austrian Startups
Pásztor Aurél Speaker Untold Stories Conference
Aurel Pasztor
Partner at PortfoLion
Fredrik Cassel Speaker Untold Stories Conference
Fredrik Cassel
General Partner at Creandum
Zach Coelius Speaker Untold Stories Conference
Zach Coelius
Managing Partner at Coelius Capital
Daniel Vallas Untold Stories Conference
DAniel VAllas
Director of Finance at Shapr3d
Istvan Kovari Untold Stories Conference
Istvan Kovari
Vice President - Treasury and Trade Solutions at Citi
Julien Coustaury Untold Stories Conference
Julien Coustaury
Managing Partner at Fil Rouge Capital
Myladie Stoumbou
Regional Director at Microsoft
Istvan Csanady Speaker Untold Stories Conference
Istvan Csanady
Founder and CEO at Shapr3D
Simon Schmincke Speaker Untold Stories Conference
Simon Schmincke
General Partner at Creandum
Gyula Feher Speaker Untold Stories Conference
Gyula Feher
General Partner at Oktogon Ventures
Marvin Liao Untold Stories Conference Budapest 2019 2020 2021
Marvin Liao
Early stage investor, Tech/Media Executive
Paul Ropa Speaker Untold Stories Conference
Raul Popa
Co-Founder and CEO at TypingDNA
Mary Alcantara Speaker Untold Stories Conference
Mary Alcantara
Startup Cheerleader
Untold Stories Conference Budapest MC
Kriszti Szabo Untold Stories Conference
Kriszti Szabo
Innovation & International Startup Collaboration at Egis Pharmaceuticals PLC
Zsolt Weiszbart Untold Stories Conference
Zsolt Weiszbart
Partner at DayOne Capital
Balazs Haszonics Untold Stories Conference
Balazs Haszonics
CFO at LeadVentures

Untold Stories Conference (USC) is an annual event

with a mission to create a learning and

networking opportunity for startups.

With a special focus on the CEE region,

it connects founders from all over the world

with tech professionals and VCs.

Speakers share their untold stories through talks,

fireside chats, and breakout sessions,

which are designed to be crisp,

hands-on and 100% bullshit free.

In the 2021 edition we also provided

a few selected startups the opportunity

to pitch and receive feedback from A+ investors,

such us Zach Coelius (Coelius Capital),

Gyula Feher (Oktogon Ventures) and Aurel Pasztor (PortfoLion).


Since 2019, USC - Budapest

has been a great experience

thanks to you.

We can't wait for the 2022 edition.

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Workshops and Discussion groups


Virtual Networking

Welcome - Day 1


Mary Alcantara

Kinga Jentetics

(Co-Founder & CEO at PublishDrive)


Kinga Jentetics

Startup Matchmaking


Startups meet with investors and corporate innovators

Alex Kudelka

(VP of Sales at Bitrise)

Scaling sales teams


Alex Kudelka

Max Azarov (Co-Founder & CEO at Novakid) fireside chat with Robin Wauters (Tech.eu)


Max Azarov & Robin Wauters

Bálint Orosz (Founder & CEO at Craft) fireside chat with Kriszti Szabo (Egis)


Bálint Orosz & Kriszti Szabo


(Selected startups pitch and get feedback from investors)


Gyula Feher, Gemma Bloemen, Aurel Pasztor & Zach Coelius

Simon Schmincke

(General Partner at Creandum)

Founder / Operator

turned investors


Simon Schmincke

Startup Matchmaking


Startups meet with investors and corporate innovators

Welcome - Day 2


Mary Alcantara


(Selected startups pitch and get feedback from investors)


Gerald Pollak, Zsolt Weiszbart, Julien Coustaury & Balazs Haszonics

Startup Matchmaking


Startups meet with investors and corporate innovators

Fredrik Cassel

(General Partner at CREANDUM)

Fundraising from second tier hubs


Fredrik Cassel

Myladie Stoumbou

(Regional Director at Microsoft)

Dispelling the myth of David vs. Goliath


Myladie Stoumbou

Structuring finance to set for growth - fireside chat with Shapr3D & Citi


Daniel Vallas & István Kővári

Startup Matchmaking


Startups meet with investors and corporate innovators

Fireside chat with István Csanády (Founder & CEO at Shapr3D), moderated by Marvin Liao


István Csanády & Marvin Liao

Jimmy Fong


Product-led growth and GTM strategies at SEON


Jimmy Fong

Fireside chat with Val Scholz (Founder at Kiko, ex Growth at Revolut), moderated by Can Ertugrul (triple story)


Val Scholz & Can Ertugrul

Fireside Chat with Raul Popa (Co-Founder & CEO at TypingDNA), moderated by Bernát Nacsa (Day One Capital)


Raul Popa & Bernát Nacsa



Mary Alcantara


techcamp logo-01.png
Embassy of the United States of America Untold Stories Conference TechCamp
Europa Media Non-Profit
Startup Europe Networks
Startup Hungary


Laura BehRens Wu Untold Stories Conference Budapest 2020
Laura BehRens Wu
CEO & Co-founder at Shippo
Hendrik Haandrikman Untold Stories Conference Budapest 2020
Hendrik Haandrikman
VP of Growth at Bitrise
Pavel Karagjau Untold Stories Conference Budapest 2020
Pavel Karagjaur
VP of Growth at Bolt
Andreas Klinger Untold Stories Conference Budapest 2020
Andreas Klinger
Remote First Capital, previously Angel list, Product Hunt
Patrick Vlaskovits Untold Stories Conference Budapest 2020
Patrick Vlaskovits
Co-founder at Superpowered (acq by Splice), author
Adam Springer Untold Stories Conference Budapest 2020
Adam Springer
Startup B2B Sales Strategy at Startup Sales
Shruti Shah Untold Stories Conference Budapest 2019 2020
Shruti Shah
EIR at Silicon Valley Bank, Formerly
Co-founder and COO at Moveloot
Sheel Mohnot Untold Stories Conference Budapest 2019
sheel mohnot
Partner at 500 Startups

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Friends & partners

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HugeThing Untold Stories Conference
Impact Shakers Untold Stories Conference
Startup Armenia Foundation Untold Stories Conference
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