We invited some of the most recognized founders and tech professionals from the US and EU.

John is an angel investor and tech executive. He is an advisor and early investor in companies like Calm, Headspin and Facemoji. Previously he worked at Spotify on Growth & Expansion for ~7 years.

Tech executive & angel investor
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    Alexei Chemenda
    Adikteev, CRO & Managing Director, Americas | Angel Investor
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      Alexei Chemenda is the CRO and Managing Director, Americas for Adikteev. He joined Adikteev in 2015 when the latter acquired Motionlead, a company he co-founded in Paris. MotionLead was the first ever French company to be accepted in YCombinator. Since then, Alexei actively invests in early stage tech companies. He has been selected in Forbes 30 under 30 in 2019.

      Zach is a four-time founder, at his last company, Triggit,

      an ad-tech startup, he raised $18M from Spark Capital and Foundry Group. Triggit was acquired in 2015 by Linkedin and a financial buyer.
      Zach led first the Angel List syndicate

      in Cruise Automation (acq 2016 for $1B by GM).

      He is also an investor in dozens of successful startups

      e.g. Branch Metrics, Lyte and HelloSign.

      founder-turned-angel & Syndicate leader
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        Head of Startup Connections
        at Google for Startups
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          As the Head of Startup Connections for Google for Startups, he measures his success by the success of the startups he connects. He draws from his network and experience in new business development and operations for some of Alphabet’s most innovative products and groundbreaking technologies. Previously he was Head of Campus London and the Co-Founder of FTSY.

          Gyula was the Co-Founder and CTO of Ustream, one of the most successful startups started from Budapest. Ustream raised over $100M and was acquired by IBM.

          Gyula has recently launched Oktogon Ventures, a fund that focuses on regional startups with global ambition.

          Managing Partner at Oktogon Ventures, formerly Co-Founder at Ustream
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            Sriram Krishnan
            SVP of Product, Partnerships
            and Marketing at HeadSpin
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              SVP Product, Partnerships & Marketing at HeadSpin, valued at $500M,

              and one of the fastest-scaling software companies ever.

              Previously Sriram has helped to scale Spotify

              and Tinder as the Head of Growth & New Markets.

              Marvin is a Partner at Venture Capital Fund 500 Startups,

              running the SF based accelerator program

              as well as investing in Seed stage startups.

              He Invests in Digital Media, Enterprise SAAS,

              Marketplace, Mobile, AdTech/MarketingTech,

              Digital Health, Internet of Things & Fintech startups.

              Partner, 500 Startups
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                Partner at 500 Startups
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                  Sheel is a partner at 500 startups, focused on FinTech investments. He has 2 exits in the FinTech space, FeeFighters and Innovative Auctions. He is also co-founder of Thistle. Previously, he was head of business development at Groupon, after selling FeeFighters to Groupon in early 2012.

                  Entrepreneur-in-residence at Silicon Valley Bank. Co-Founder

                  and COO Move Loot, online full-service marketplace for buying

                  and selling used furniture. Raised $22M in Venture Capital.

                  Alumna of Y Combinator. Former public school teacher.


                  EIR at Silicon Valley Bank,

                  formerly Co-FoundeR AND COO at MoveLoot​

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                    Robin Wauters - Image by Dan Taylor - da
                    founding editor of Tech.eu
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                      Seasoned European technology journalist and founding editor of Tech.eu, the premier source of European technology news, data analysis and market intelligence. He was formerly the European Editor of The Next Web, and before that a senior editor at TechCrunch.

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                      Head of Startups
                      & Community Partnerships at Pioneers
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                        She has been an active member of the international startup scene for the last 4 years. She has been identifying and supporting the top tech startups across industries, curating the startup program at various events and working closely with the key ecosystem stakeholders, mainly VC funds and accelerators.


                        Co-Founder of AustrianStartups
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                          Co-Founder of AustrianStartups, Austria’s largest, non-profit startup association. After working in various senior roles at three tech companies since 2010, and moderating at Pioneers Festival for 6 years, he currently focuses on communication consulting & coaching, advising startups and writing.




                          Can Ertugrul

                          SIDE EVENT


                          Meet & Greet

                          Untold Stories Budapest

                          We will host a special meetup the night before the first Untold Budapest Conference.
                          Meet some of the speakers and participating startups and learn from their insights through a panel discussion & pitch session.

                          We will have an honest conversation about the startup scene of the region and its global potential

                          MORE INFO

                          SESSION 1
                          Building companies - Zach Coelius
                          SESSION 2
                          Product - Shruti Shah
                          Session 3
                          Fireside chat with Gyula Feher
                          MOD: Robin Wauters
                          Session 4
                          Marvin Liao, Shruti Shah,
                          Gyula Feher, Zach Coelius
                          Session 5
                          Growth - Sriram Krishnan
                          Session 6
                          Sales & Business Development - Amrit Dhir
                          Session 7
                           Expanding to the US - Alexei Chemenda
                          Session 8
                          Fireside chat with Sheel Mohnot
                          MOD: Jasmina Henniova
                          Session 9
                          Lesson learned
                          Sriram Krishnan & John Bonten

                          PARTNER EVENT


                          sid_2019 newblue logo.jpg

                          On Nov 7th from 6pm our partners, Hiventures is organizing one of the biggest networking event of the CEE region where investors, accelerators and business angels dress up nicely to mingle with fresh, cutting edge startups and corporate thoughts-leaders. Participant of Untold Stories Conference will receive a VIP ticket for the event.



                          Be part of #UNTOLDBUDAPEST


                          Our formats are 100% founder focused and designed to help them learn & connect efficiently.

                          Full day event of talks, fire-side chats and mentor sessions.



                          Short practical talks on the different aspects of building your startup. We will touch various topics from growth, product, fundraising through insightful stories of building great companies.


                          Fireside Chats, Panels

                          Off-the-record and honest discussions uncovering professional and personal insights of building exciting companies.


                          Group Office Hours, Mentor Sessions

                          Besides the talks, we create various interactive formats, where speakers become mentors and give custom advice to the participating startups.

                          TICKET TYPES

                          Startup Ticket
                          (100 startups / max. 200 attendees)

                          30 EUR + VAT

                          Startups need to apply for invitation. Selected startups will receive the code to access startup tickets. We have rolling acceptance, so the faster you apply, the bigger the chance you will get a ticket.


                          General Admission

                          (max. 30 attendees)

                          699 EUR + VAT

                          Not a Start Up? No problem.

                          This event is primarily for startups but we have a very limited number of tickets for VCs, accelerators, corporate innovators and ecosystem builders. It's a great opportunity to connect with our speakers and our curated audience of startups.

                          SOLD OUT
                          SOLD OUT

                          HOW TO APPLY FOR AN INVITATION


                          Apply for Invitation


                          Selection process

                          The application is on a rolling basis. You will get a response in 5 days. Tickets might be gone by the application deadline. 

                          We will select those 100 startups who can benefit the most from our program and they will receive an invitation to unlock the Startup Tickets.


                          Grab your tickets!

                          After receiving the invitation, you will have 7 days to purchase your tickets, otherwise, we might release them to someone else.

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